Latest project from Suzanne de Bussac promotes music as healing tool 

Calgary Herald, March 31, 2016

Dan St Yves

I’m always amazed by the giving, selfless nature of many performing artists. I mean, it should come as no surprise — watch any big fundraiser or awareness campaign, and inevitably you’ll see performances or calls for help from musicians giving both their time and their talent to a cause.

Every time I connect with Suzanne de Bussac, she is promoting something she’s involved in to benefit someone else. Back in 2015, it was for youth mental health awareness. Ongoing, she dives into Torch Night presentations, supporting and celebrating women through music.

Most recently this week she reached out to ask if I could squeeze in something here about her “Blasting Away” project, created together with the Stardale Women’s Charity which will be presented during the Elbow River Healing Lodge 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. That will happen at the Sheldon Chumir Medical Centre on Friday at 10:30 a.m. Specifically, this event promotes music as a healing tool with First Nations girls and teens... read more

Calgary musician returns to stage for youth mental health awareness event 

Calgary Herald, July 2, 2015 

Dan St Yves 

When you listen to Suzanne de Bussac’s 2000 release The Valley Of Baca, released to widespread critical acclaim at the time, it’s hard to imagine that it has taken 10 years for her to find herself performing for audiences again. A diverse collision of life intrusions including motherhood, family crisis, grieving the loss of her best friend and dad last September, and mending a broken heart occupied parts of those ensuing years. 

Now living in Calgary, de Bussac marks her return to public performance at the National Music Centre on Thursday July 2, 7:30 p.m. with … Brake, Clutch, Accelerate! 

Spurred by years of family experience in the mental health system she felt compelled to channel her creativity toward positive outcomes, inspired in part by Kahlil Gibran’s philosophy that “work is love made visible.” de Bussac notes “music is a language that everyone can understand,” adding that “music can also function as a coping mechanism and healing journey.” 

As a classically trained artist (accolades include a Royal Conservatory Silver Medal) de Bussac was a major player in the Toronto club... read more

Calgary musician set to play charity show for youth mental health 

Metro, June 22, 2015 

Lucie Edwardson 

Suzanne de Bussac is ready to tame her wild things. 

After an intense two year time period where her child was suffering from mental illness, de Bussac said much like Max, the beloved boy from Maurice Sendak’s bookWhere the Wild things Are, she is ready to say good bye to her monsters. 

“We never thought we would get out of that dark place,” she said. “It was a long haul and very intense and we were exposed to the mental health system in many different ways. Now we are on the other side of it, which I never thought we would be.” read more

Album Review: The Valley of Baca by Suzanne de Bussac 

Collected Sounds, June 27, 2001 

Anna Maria Stjärnell 

Suzanne de Bussac makes her debut with this accessible but complex record. She includes latin and reggae sounds into her music which makes for a spicy blend. This is a radio-friendly but eccentric album that makes de Bussac’s talent as a songwriter evident. 

The title track’s majestic sweep is helped by guest vocalist Kevin Quain’s raspy voice. The powerpop of “Ruby Avenue” is a nice change of pace from the mellow mood of the other songs. The heartfelt “Marry Me” is a lovely song and is welcome diversion from all the songs of lost love that dominate most albums... read more

Suzanne de Bussac: The Valley of Baca 

The Gazette UWO, March 22, 2000 

Marcy Cabral 

Suzanne de Bussac's debut album The Valley of Baca is an enchanting escape and a mystical ride through the many sounds that make de Bussac unique. 

This Calgary-born native has been performing since the age of three, when she was enrolled in a music program for toddlers. She has previously been awarded the Royal Conservatory Silver Medal, the Kiwanis Festival Scholarship and the Alberta Culture Study grant. The Valley of Baca is not only de Bussac's debut album, but the first release on her own independent label, Tranzister Music. 

She hooks listeners and takes pop music to new heights with her use of different rhythms. The months of recording spent to create this alluring album is evident through the precise beats and rhythms chosen to accompany her powerful vocals... read more

Suzanne de Bussac 

The Valley Of Baca 

Exclaim, March 1, 2000 

Matt Mernagh 

Anyone who can appreciate the fine art of songwriting accompanied by fleeting moments of Kate Bush brilliance should become intimate with Suzanne de Bussac. Here, she reveals her soul for all to witness, not hiding from her spiritual confusion on "Are You Listening" or wanting to transform butterfly-like on "Baby Wants To Be Somebody New." While this intimacy has been done before, notably by Kate Bush and Tori Amos, it sounds fresh in this time of the angst-ridden female rocker. Musically, the band supporting her are gifted musicians who perform a jazzy blues sound with the same passion de Bussac has. Ultimately, that fervour is injected into The Valley Of Baca and the listener can't help but get caught up in it.