Every once in a while you come across music that’s completely uncategorizable yet entirely enchanting. That’s what you’ll find in Suzanne de Bussac’s music. Ignore it at your peril.” - A Journal of Musical Things / The Ongoing History of New Music

— Alan Cross


“Suzanne de Bussac makes it just a little bit easier to face the challenges of being human. Healing music to revel in.” – Rob Bowman/Professor of Musicology York University

Suzanne de Bussac’s new EP, Water, provides a taste of her upcoming third album, with a unique musical style mixing world music, blues, indie-pop and jazz, underpinned by her classical training. Released on May 29, 2024, to cap off Mental Health Awareness Month, de Bussac shines a light on this year’s themes of combatting anxiety, promoting physical movement to improve mental health, and the power of compassion.

 “Water embodies strength, clarity and persistence as it moves around obstacles with grace, cascading into the unknown with power and tenacity. Creation of the songs for Water provided me with comfort and hope for the future as I struggled to keep my family’s boat afloat as a solo parent during a protracted tumultuous time”.

 Tireless in her creative drive, Suzanne’s career grew from her early days of piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music, a stint as a music executive at HMV Canada, programmer/producer for her own communications company programming music for Air Canada, and now both the owner of her own music school and a regular performer in Calgary’s music scene.

 Her last album Shiver Stories (2018) earned a nomination for the Polaris Music Prize, made her finalist in the Ship & Anchor’s songwriting contest in Calgary, and a performance at SkirtsAfire festival in Edmonton.

 Water was produced by composer-musician and long-time musical partner Dean Drouillard. He created a fertile environment for Suzanne’s deeply rooted vocals and evocative piano, along with backing vocals by Michelle Baker. Musicians on the recording are the jaw droppingly versatile combination of Kurt Swinghammer (guitar), Don Kerr (drums), and Kevin LaCroix (bass), all based in Toronto

 Water will be released at  High Line Brewing in Calgary on Friday May 31 at 8pm, featuring local line-up Suzanne de Bussac and The Troubles, and again at the Tranzac Southern Cross in Toronto on Saturday June 29 at 10pm featuring the band from the recording.


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Photo by Dick Averns


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